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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Places- Riggamore Cinque Terre Italy

 Places can be a great source of inspiration, not just for Fashion, but for life. A place can bring out a creative side you never knew you had, a thirst for a language or culture that you hadn't previously possessed or perspective to something in your life that has nothing to do with the actual place.

My favorite place in the world (thus far) is Riggamore located in Cinque Terra on the West coast of Italy. If you have never been, I highly recommend you go!

I went to Riggamore with a good girl friend the summer after my college graduation. We were traveling through a few countries in Europe and when we were in Italy, stopped in Riggamore at the recommendation of a friend.

Our trip was really fun, adventurous and excitingly frustrating (as traveling can sometimes be). We arrived in Riggamore by train (after being harrassed by some young Italian boys in Italian) and were welcomed to the view that is pictured below. The picture probably doesn't do it justice. 

It became my favorite place because during that trip it represented to me; ultimate relaxation. I spent an entire day reading a book, laid on the beach, cooked with our housemates (we also happened to be from California) and at night we met people from different countries, including an Irishman who insisted on buying us all "real" Irish carbombs. It was like a scene out of a movie! It was amazing!

 I was even awakened one night to a lightening storm that seemed nothing short of magical. During the day the sun would shine brightly and we had five gorgeous sun kissed days. No cars, steep hills, walking through the cities, life during those few days were simple and peaceful! 

I learned a lot about myself on that trip, but one of the biggest things was that simplicity is good! 

Apart from being a little village nestled in the hills overlooking the ocean, the colorful buildings make it a feast for the eyes. From afar it all looks like one big quilt full of different colors and textures that just seem to go together.

If I were a Fashion Designer, I would definitely be inspired by this city to create an amazing simple patchwork dress!

Riggamore, Cinque Terre, Italy

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summertime and the living is easy....

I love sunny days! Summer is by far my favorite season. Anyone who walks into my closet will quickly realize this as evident by the amount of summer dresses and sandals in my closet.

I can't explain it but dressing during the summer is just more fun to me. So much easier to just throw on a quick summer dress before taking off on adventures!

 I also love the long days and warm nights. The carelessness of lazy days and the fun of summer events. Pool parties and goofing off with friends! All those things represent summer to me!

That being said, while cruising Anthropologie's website the other day I found this gem.

This lovely Hammock can be found here !

I quickly imagined myself lying in it under two gorgeous trees on a summer afternoon reading a good book!

Seems like everything is just better during the summer....

Monday, June 24, 2013

Trend - Jumpsuits?

Hot jumpsuit from Asos!
Jumpsuits are EVERYWHERE and they are sort of growing on me. It feels like they have been slowly creeping back into the fashion spotlight from back when they were hot in the 80's. Lots of designers seemed to have gotten behind this trend recently and some are really chic!

I kind of want one!

Catherine Malandrino


 My (good) fashion sense tells me that it is something I should never wear. At quick glance, they seem like they would only look good on tall, slim women, but nonetheless I feel like maybe we should take a chance and try one on?

This Asos number is on sale!

Catherine Malandrino found here!

After all one should never say "never" when it comes to life ......especially fashion!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Interior Design- Blue

Photo from Elle Decor

Interior Design and Fashion are often connected. When a macro trend exists in one sector, it often permeates to the other. Fashion designers are often inspired by things they see in interior design and architecture.

I saw the photo above and immediately thought the wallpaper would make a lovely dress. The red and gold accents extenuate the design which can be translated to red and gold jewelry and shoes.

If only I could sew....

Monday, June 17, 2013

Advice- Wrong Size?

 I love wearing high heels and the question I most often get asked is "Don't your feet hurt from walking in those all day?" My response is usually "no"....

The big secret to being able to walk in heels, apart from balance is that I wear the correct size shoe. Years ago, back when I worked at a shoe company I learned that a lot of people (especially women) wear the wrong shoe size.

It seems like a crazy idea, but it is true. If you haven't already done so (within the last couple of years) you should go get your foot measured. Most department stores offer the service for free in their shoe departments and it is a painless quick thing. Then once you know your shoe size, stick to it.

 I mean we have all done it, myself included....we've seen that amazing pair of shoes that we had to have that just happened to be on SALE (always on sale) that was just half a size too big or too small . What did we do? We got them even though they didn't fit.

I'm telling you right now (from experience) it isn't worth it. If a shoe does not fit your foot properly it is going to cause blisters, and could eventually cause further damage to your feet. If they hurt, you won't wear them and what's the point of having amazing shoes if you can't wear them out?

 Heels, sandals, wedges and flats should fit your fit perfectly with little room to spare. Work out shoes on the other hand should be a half size bigger than your regular shoe size, because depending on the type of work outs you do, your feet may swell. My advice would be to get your foot measured again when you buy work out shoes and to buy them from a place where the staff can advise you, at least the first time.

Heels aren't for everyone but I assure you, if you wear the correct size you will most definitely be able to wear them for a longer period of time and your feet will thank you!

Just for fun here are some very pretty strappy sandals that are on my wish list! Happy Monday!

Saint Laurent Jerry Sandal found here!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Wedge Sandals

It seems you always find the best stuff when you aren't looking....

 I was perusing the Internet the other day and ran into these lovelies! I just couldn't resist. Before I knew it I had clicked the button and had an email confirmation telling me they had shipped!

The thing that caught my eye about these were the cut out wedge. So different from anything I currently own. The color, ankle strap (very into ankle straps lately) and smooth suede like leather make this an irresistible pair of sandals. Plus wedges are super comfortable so this is a win win for me!

Can't wait to rock these all summer long!

I found them here!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clover Canyon Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is THE perfect dress for summer...actually it is the perfect dress year round, depending on where you live.  I love maxi dresses and have been wearing them for years! They are comfortable and chic.

Today I ran across this beauty by Clover Canyon (an LA based brand known for it's interesting patterns) and instantly fell for it' pattern and sleek design. It's the kind of dress that I envision wearing at summer BBQ's and nights out with friends.

This is definitely on my wish list!

Clover Canyon dress can be found here!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fausto Puglisi

Photo from WWD.
Today I came across this Resort 2014 outfit that caught my eye!

 My favorite part is the skirt, but I love the way it is all put together! It is such a fresh take on a classic look!

For those who don't recognize this designer, here are some quick facts:

Fausto Puglisi

-He is Italian - a given by looking at his name.
-He was a part of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana's "Young Designer" program - this gives him some street cred.
-He designed Madonna, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A's outfits during the 2012 Superbowl - Awesome!
-He is inspired by Roman gladiators, modern architecture and the Mediterranean Baroque - all visible in his designs.

Photo from here.

I also like this dress from his Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Collection.
Amazing cut, it's short, made of leather and yellow - great combination!

 Fausto Puglisi is on my radar! I am eager to see more of his designs in the future!

Find out more at his official website found here!

Places- Castles

Growing up, history was my favorite subject.  I loved how it was all one big true story full of heroes and villains who had once lived in the same world we do now. This is why every time I am in Europe or even the East Coast, I am amazed by all the history that exists everywhere. It’s in the buildings, the narrow roads and in a way ingrained in the people. Living in California, we don’t have as much history. Our buildings are pretty modern, our roads are wide and everything is pretty young in comparison.
The other day I was reminded of one of my favorite things about history, Castles! Now what do castles have to do with fashion?  Well on the surface one would think nothing ,but on a certain level can they be connected?

After all, in these castles lived real life Kings and Queens, the people of the Royal Court, Knights, the Queen’s ladies, oh and of course the King’s mistresses'.....

It was also these Kings and Queens who threw the biggest parties, grand balls and soirees.  It was usually the main event and THE biggest reason to dress up in elegant clothes. Depending on the era, there were big ball gowns and corsets, brocade fabrics and crazy wigs.  Fashion definitely existed and back then it was the people of the court, who set the tone for the trend of the time.

Interesting fact:  Both women and MEN wore corsets. According to Wikipedia “there was a period from around 1820 to 1835 when a wasp-waisted figure (a small, nipped-in look to the waist) was also desirable for men; this was sometimes achieved by wearing a corset.”

Note: As fun as it is to think about I personally don’t really think my love of history and fashion are related, but fashion certainly does make history a lot more fun!

Schloss Neuschwanstein (Bavaria) may look familiar because it is the inspiration for Walt Disney's Magical Kingdom. (Read more about the castle and find image here.)

Monday, June 10, 2013

People- Iris Apfel

If I had to pick what inspires me most,  I'd have to say it is people. Whether it's people watching in a coffee house, a familiar face or a well known figure I always find inspiration in others.

I ran into Iris Apfel's image last year, while I was combing through April's Harper's Bazaar and my thought was "Who is this lady? She is awesome!". Apparently others thought she was awesome too because she had recently just nabbed an HSN jewelry gig, was the face of MAC and even launched her own line of Sunglasses (based on her own glasses) for Eye Bob all after the age of 70.
Photo taken from here.

Iris is 91 years old and she is a fashion icon! I was drawn to Iris for her eccentric style. I liked that she wasn't afraid to express herself with her clothes. Before I could even read anything about her I thought "that is the kind of woman I want to be at 91".

Read any interview with Iris and you will love her even more! She is witty, wise and honest. Her interviews always make me laugh out loud because I love when people tell it just how it is.

In this interview for "Into the Gloss" my favorite part is when Iris talks about plastic surgery and her take on it:
"Aging gracefully is about no heavy makeup, and not too much powder because it gets into the wrinkles, and you know, to not get turtle eyelids, and to not try to look young. You don’t have to look like an old fuddy-duddy, but I believe it was Chanel who said, ‘Nothing makes a woman look so old as trying desperately hard to look young’. I think you can be attractive at any age. I think trying to look like a spring chicken when you’re not makes you look ridiculous. I’m very opposed to plastic surgery. I think if—God forbid—you’re in an accident, or if you were cursed with a nose like Pinocchio, you’d have to go and get it fixed. But just to get nipped and tucked, I think it’s very painful, very expensive, and having been in hospitals as much as I have, subjecting yourself to surgery when you don’t need it is not a smart thing to do. But what do I know? I mean, almost everybody does it. I think if women put some more of the time and money they put on their heads in their heads, they’d be better off. I mean, nobody’s going to think you’re thirty-two, so what’s the point?"

Most importantly in every interview I have ever read about her she talks about taking a chance with clothes and wearing what you love but staying true to your age and dressing age appropriate. What that means is that while you can express yourself in eccentric colors, lots of jewelry or special colors she doesn't believe that one must bare lots of skin or try to dress like someone they are not. As Iris says , "Looking good is mostly common sense". "Keep your own passion for fashion going –age is just an attitude!"

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pink Heels

I love shoes! Some girls are into bags, some are into make-up, others jewelry...for me it's SHOES! I can never have too many and the taller the better! My love for shoes started long ago when as a little girl I would sneak into my Mom's closet to try on her heels. That being said there is always at least one style or pair that I have my eye on....
 Sometimes things inspire me to try something new, sometimes it helps create an idea and other times I just want exactly what I see. An example of the latter happened just a few months ago. I was "inspired" by a beautiful pair of Pink Prada heels that I saw at Nordstrom.

They were/are made of an amazing buttery leather,  the perfect shade of pink, pointy (right on trend) and  just gorgeous! I couldn't stop thinking about them and I had to have them! I told everyone who would listen about these pink heels and  found myself "visiting" the Prada pair at Nordstrom. A few times I even considered shelling out the $600 plus dollars to buy them. Crazy thoughts since that is way out of my budget ....so I did what every girl on a budget should do I started to research!

I researched every single shoe brand that makes trendy shoes within my budget and hoped that at least one would also be inspired by this beautiful pair of Prada's..it couldn't just be me. It took a couple of months, (because it takes a while for designs "inspired" by others to be made), but soon  pink heels began to pop up in stores. The only problem was that they were all the wrong shade of pink. I even ordered a pair online that looked like they would be a good fit, but I was deceived. They seemed to be light pink online but when they arrived were more like a fuchsia color and instead of leather were suede. I sent them back and kept searching. Not long after I found these.....!!!

Gorgeous!! Now they weren't exactly the same as the Prada pair, but they were fun and the right color pink AND within my budget so I kept them!
I was soooo incredibly excited that I had finally found them (after months of searching) that I posted the above picture to Instagram minutes after trying them on. Of course, I wore them the very next day to work. I got lots of compliments but the best part was looking down at my feet half way through my work day and seeing these bright pink lovelies on my feet! It made me smile. I had found exactly what I wanted and it was an awesome feeling!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Zac Posen

Every season, it seems I fall in love with a different designer! Designers are artists and their visions and creations are articulated differently each season.

I haven't seen all of Resort 2014 yet but caught a glimpse of Zac Posen's line and instantly fell in love!

Interesting fact, the models are mother and daughter. 

Here were my favorites! Love love love!  Photos taken from WWD.

 The ruffles give this dress texture and make it interesting!
 The dress on the right is my favorite. I don't usually like the mermaid look but thought the tulle at the bottom made it look chic.
 I immediately thought "goddess" dress and love that it's playful with multiple layers.
 Elegant, this dress looks like it was constructed as a sculpture.

Monday, June 3, 2013


A few weeks ago I read this article in Lucky Magazine that featured an interview with Mad Men star Christina Hendrick. She was asked about her style and what she likes to wear, to which she replied that at home she wore kaftans. The image of wearing a kaftan stayed with me and a few days later I found myself researching kaftans.....

According to Wikipedia:

A kaftan or caftan (from Persian خفتان xaftân) is a front-buttoned coat or overdress, usually reaching to the ankles, with long sleeves. It can be made of wool, cashmere, silk, or cotton. It may be worn with a sash.

Online I found all sorts of kaftans! Some that could be worn as a dress, others as a cover up and also as a  nightgown. Personally I was inspired to get one and wear it around the house but a few of the ones I found could easily be worn out. Where would you wear a kaftan?

Here are some of my favs! They look so comfy that I am having a hard time choosing just one.

Found this Missoni piece here. Love that it's short and made of crochet!

Love that this piece is colorful! Find it here .

This Donna Karen piece is soft and elegant, found  here .

This lovely Tory Burch kaftan can easily be worn around the house OR dressed up to go out

Sunday, June 2, 2013

LWD- Little White Dress

LWD- Little White Dress

I love Summer and recently I have found myself drawn to white dresses. Come to think of it I bought two within the last two months…

I saw this dress on Instagram the other day and was completely re-inspired!

Love this BHLDN dress found here!

Once reserved for that special day, white dresses are everywhere this summer. I even read that the Little White Dress (LWD) had officially replaced the Little Black Dress (LBD)…replace seems like a strong forever type of statement but I do think that it has become a strong go to option. The crisp clean, soft, lace and flow-y styles make it perfect for summer 

 Dress them up with a great pair of nude or colored heels or let your inner bo-ho chic girl frolic barefoot through the grass.Anyway you decide to wear it, the LWD is a necessity this summer!

Here are some of the dresses I am in love with! 

Love the detailing on the back of this Free People dress!