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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pink Heels

I love shoes! Some girls are into bags, some are into make-up, others jewelry...for me it's SHOES! I can never have too many and the taller the better! My love for shoes started long ago when as a little girl I would sneak into my Mom's closet to try on her heels. That being said there is always at least one style or pair that I have my eye on....
 Sometimes things inspire me to try something new, sometimes it helps create an idea and other times I just want exactly what I see. An example of the latter happened just a few months ago. I was "inspired" by a beautiful pair of Pink Prada heels that I saw at Nordstrom.

They were/are made of an amazing buttery leather,  the perfect shade of pink, pointy (right on trend) and  just gorgeous! I couldn't stop thinking about them and I had to have them! I told everyone who would listen about these pink heels and  found myself "visiting" the Prada pair at Nordstrom. A few times I even considered shelling out the $600 plus dollars to buy them. Crazy thoughts since that is way out of my budget ....so I did what every girl on a budget should do I started to research!

I researched every single shoe brand that makes trendy shoes within my budget and hoped that at least one would also be inspired by this beautiful pair of Prada's..it couldn't just be me. It took a couple of months, (because it takes a while for designs "inspired" by others to be made), but soon  pink heels began to pop up in stores. The only problem was that they were all the wrong shade of pink. I even ordered a pair online that looked like they would be a good fit, but I was deceived. They seemed to be light pink online but when they arrived were more like a fuchsia color and instead of leather were suede. I sent them back and kept searching. Not long after I found these.....!!!

Gorgeous!! Now they weren't exactly the same as the Prada pair, but they were fun and the right color pink AND within my budget so I kept them!
I was soooo incredibly excited that I had finally found them (after months of searching) that I posted the above picture to Instagram minutes after trying them on. Of course, I wore them the very next day to work. I got lots of compliments but the best part was looking down at my feet half way through my work day and seeing these bright pink lovelies on my feet! It made me smile. I had found exactly what I wanted and it was an awesome feeling!

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