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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Places- Riggamore Cinque Terre Italy

 Places can be a great source of inspiration, not just for Fashion, but for life. A place can bring out a creative side you never knew you had, a thirst for a language or culture that you hadn't previously possessed or perspective to something in your life that has nothing to do with the actual place.

My favorite place in the world (thus far) is Riggamore located in Cinque Terra on the West coast of Italy. If you have never been, I highly recommend you go!

I went to Riggamore with a good girl friend the summer after my college graduation. We were traveling through a few countries in Europe and when we were in Italy, stopped in Riggamore at the recommendation of a friend.

Our trip was really fun, adventurous and excitingly frustrating (as traveling can sometimes be). We arrived in Riggamore by train (after being harrassed by some young Italian boys in Italian) and were welcomed to the view that is pictured below. The picture probably doesn't do it justice. 

It became my favorite place because during that trip it represented to me; ultimate relaxation. I spent an entire day reading a book, laid on the beach, cooked with our housemates (we also happened to be from California) and at night we met people from different countries, including an Irishman who insisted on buying us all "real" Irish carbombs. It was like a scene out of a movie! It was amazing!

 I was even awakened one night to a lightening storm that seemed nothing short of magical. During the day the sun would shine brightly and we had five gorgeous sun kissed days. No cars, steep hills, walking through the cities, life during those few days were simple and peaceful! 

I learned a lot about myself on that trip, but one of the biggest things was that simplicity is good! 

Apart from being a little village nestled in the hills overlooking the ocean, the colorful buildings make it a feast for the eyes. From afar it all looks like one big quilt full of different colors and textures that just seem to go together.

If I were a Fashion Designer, I would definitely be inspired by this city to create an amazing simple patchwork dress!

Riggamore, Cinque Terre, Italy

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