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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rebecca Minkoff Clutch

To make an outfit pop all you'll ever really need are amazing accessories!

Ask any fashion stylist and they will tell you that the easiest way to transform any outfit is with an amazing pair of heels, a statement necklace or a clutch.

 I found this clutch by Rebecca Minkoff and instantly fell in love!

Not only is it a fun fire engine red, but I really liked the detailed gold accent clasp! The best part is that it comes with a hidden chain strap, because sometimes you need your hands for other things......like shaking hands, holding a drink or dancing!

Add this little lovely to an all black or white chic outfit and you are ready to go!

Find it at www.rebeccaminkoff.com or click here!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Clothing Swap

Clothing Swap Party!

In a previous post I talked about recycling fashion and ways to do it and mentioned a Clothing Swap Party as an idea.  I promised I would post more about it, so here you go!

Months ago I held my first ever Clothing Swap party and it was really fun!
I had heard about them in the past and always been skeptical.  To be honest I am not really sure what gave me the idea to do one, other than I wanted a DIFFERENT fun way to get a bunch of my girlfriends together.  The way I saw it was; best case scenario, we swap clothes and get FREE new stuff. Worst case scenario, we clean out our closets and no one gets anything  BUT we would still get to hang out and I don’t know about you, but having a reason to clean my closet is not necessarily a bad thing.

 I also decided to donate of all the clothes that no one wanted to a local Women’s shelter so that we would be helping out the community as well, so even if the event was a bust, we would still be doing a good deed.
I sent the Facebook invite to all the girls I knew who lived in LA and tried to explain what a Clothing Swap party was.  I named it “A Night of Fashion” and here is what the invite said:

Hey Girls!

It's time to clean out your closets!

Bring over clothes and accessories that you no longer want and trade for things you do!
I know you all have stuff sitting in your closet so bring it over and either trade or be re-inspired!
Any left over clothes/accessories that are not taken I will donate to the local Women's shelter.

I will provide some wine and apps but please bring either an additional bottle of wine or a snack and possibly score yourself an amazing new outfit!

Feel free to invite any other girls that would like to come!
This is a girls only event!

Some girls were really excited, they had been before and knew what it was, others were skeptical surprisingly not because they didn’t think others wouldn't have good things to trade but were doubtful of their own contributions. I tried to assure everyone to bring however much or little they had and to just come, either way it would be fun.

In all about 15 girls came, which was a great turn out! We had wine and appetizers and chatted for the first part of the party. When everyone had arrived we had everyone dump all of their clothing onto the coffee table.  This way no one needed to feel embarrassed about anything they brought and we could all go through it equally and fairly like we were at a big sale.  I established the only rule of the swap which was that if you picked something up and liked it you should put it into your pile. Once it was in your pile, it was yours until you put it back in the pile.

We had a blast! It was like shopping at a sale with all of your best girlfriends. In the end, pretty much everyone at the party walked away with a few new pieces of clothing and got a bunch of stuff they no longer wanted off of their hands. 

  I scored a few dresses that I love! Two of which I wear all the time.
“What is so last year to one person can be amazing and new to another"!

Therefore I encourage you to grab all of your girlfriends and have a Clothing Swap party!

Being around friends and clothes is always inspiring!

 Here is a peek into what it was like at the party....

If Not Now Then When

While perusing the internet a while back I found this poster. While it doesn't necessarily have much to do with fashion directly I still thought it was inspiring and wanted to share!

I think the quote is displayed in the coolest way and it symbolizes the way I feel about life.

The poster can be found by clicking here!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Trend- Chain Link Bracelets

Chain link bracelets have been on my radar for a while. I first pulled this image from the October 2012 Marie Claire issue. Since then I have seen chain link bracelet everywhere. Links are classic and seem to always be on trend in one way or another. They are great for adding that special touch to the perfect outfit.

 Here are some link chain bracelets that I like.

Chain Toggle at Forever 21 for $4.80. CLICK HERE!

(My favorite!) The Classic Pave from JCrew for $125 CLICK HERE!

Link Watch  (also very cool) by Michael Kors for $225 CLICK HERE!

Link Bracelet at Nordstrom for $24.90 (on sale). CLICK HERE!
Mini Pave Bracelet by Bauble Bar for $42.00 CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

People- Coco Chanel

I can't remember when I first heard about Coco Chanel. Chanel like other high end brand names seem to be something that everyone just knows, even if you don't know or follow fashion.

A few months back I realized I didn't know very much about Coco Chanel and decided to do some research.

I knew she had started the Chanel brand. I knew her iconic tweed suits and quilted chain link strap bag. I knew about the double C's she chose as a logo but I didn't really know much else, so I chose to read the book "Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life" by Justine Picardie. There are many books on Chanel but this one seemed to be the most recent and had the best reviews on Amazon.

 Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel was born in France to an unwed mother and father, who were very poor. When her mother died, her father sent her and her sisters to a convent, where she lived until the age of 18. Gabrielle, who named herself "Coco" reinvented herself and started off as a milliner, while simultaneously networking her way into the British aristocracy. While her personal life is controversial, she led it on her own terms. Coco is depicted as a woman who spoke her mind but yet was fun to be around. She became a legend for understanding the need for simplicity in women's clothing. Coco often said that she designed clothing for a women for comfort, she didn't believe that women should be held back by their clothing. This came at a time (early 1920's) when women were tired of wearing corsets and yearning for something easier.

It was interesting to learn that "The Chanel look" remains exactly the same as it did in the 1920's. Her attention to structure and cut were so close to perfection that it has surpassed time. Although, I also learned that after the second world war Chanel actually fell out of favor, especially in Europe. It wasn't until the 1960's that Americans brought her fashions back into the limelight. American Buyers and the likes of Jacklyn Onasis Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor helped put Chanel back on the map as an iconic designer. Of course, Chanel no. 5, her perfume had already become the most popular fragrance in the world and still remains so to this day.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book...

Chanel's own writing:

"If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent their growing."
"Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends."
"True generosity means accepting ingratitude."
"To disguise oneself is charming: to have oneself disguised is sad."
"For a woman, to deceive makes only one kind of sense: that of the senses."

A description of Chanel:

"But it wasn't simply the clothes that drew new generations of admirers. Even in old age, Chanel herself seemed to be her own best model, with her characteristic assortment of jewels glittering against a white silk shirt, her way of standing, which came to be emulated by legions of those who followed in her wake."

I find Coco Chanel to be inspiring because in a lot of ways I relate to her. I relate to her love of fashion, her determination to succeed and her penchant for hard work. She was a fiercely independent business woman with  fashion savvy and an eye for simplicity. While her personal life was complicated and maybe even a little sad, she overcame it and became a successful designer and businesswoman through hard work and determination, something I find very admirable!

Check out the book for yourself by clicking here!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Awesome Outfit and a Dog

A while ago Vogue.com ran a feature where they showcased a range of outfits and dogs. Being a dog lover, I was instantly drawn to it. My favorite from the collection was the following picture taken from the Vogue April 2011 issue.

I love everything about this picture! The different colors and layers of the skirt, the chambray jacket/shirt, the belt tied high above the waist, the fun strappy sandals and the crazy hat on her head. The model's stance is spot on, conveying an "in charge" attitude. The cute little dog softens the look and adds the perfect touch to this shot!

I love awesome outfits and adorable puppies...so glad someone thought to put them together! LOVE!

Photo: Vogue

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Designer- Mary Katrantzou

When I see a piece of clothing or an accessory in a magazine I always look to see who designed it. I like to get to know designers and their aesthetic. Every designer has their own unique look and I think it's fun to try and guess who the designer is. It is a game I internally play as I flip through fashion magazines.

Lately, Mary Katrantzou has been catching my eye. Known for her architectural prints, her clothes are vivid and artistic. Fairly new to the design world, she graduated from Saint Martens in 2008 and had her first debut collection later that year, with Spring/Summer 2009 at London Fashion week. In November 2011 Katrantzou was awarded the British Fashion Award for Emerging Talent in women's wear and in February 2012 was awarded Young Designer of the Year at the Elle Style Awards. Katrantzou hails from Greece and lives in London. Her collections can be found at over 200 boutiques worldwide, including high end stores like Barney's, Selfridges and Collette.

Resort 2014 was Katrantzou's debut resort collection. The collection was a mixture of industrial inspirations and flowers mixed together to create a beautiful landscape.

Here were some of my favorites from Resort 2014:

I love that each dress is like a work of art. In the last two, I get lost just starting into the landscape.

Katrantzou definitely is known for her prints, making her designs easily recognizable. She is one designer that I am loving and will for sure know when I see her designs.

A few of her designs that are in stores now:

This gorgeous dress can be found by clicking here!

Get lost in this skirt, found here!

Photos: Style.com

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dresses and Sneakers

Dresses and sneakers are officially dating folks!

Photo Image: O Alfaiate Lisboeta

In the last couple of months they have been spotted everywhere together including Vogue. Therefore I think it's safe to say that they are an official couple and definitely having a moment. As much as I love heels, this trend has been on my mind ...A LOT! I have even started shopped for sneakers online...something I haven't done in years. The only thing I know is that if I get sneakers that I want them to be Converse (classic), but  I can't decide between  this (Option 1) or this (Option 2).


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Men's Wear

Last week I read an article in Women's Wear Daily that I thought was well written, interesting and left me thinking.

It was titled  "Men are the new Women" written by Nick Graham, chief executive of NGO, Inc and founder of Joe Boxer. In the article Mr. Graham discusses the idea that men are starting to express themselves through fashion.

Graham states; "It’s the Darwinian evolution that we, as men, are going through — crawling out of the primordial mud of tradition, moving toward an oxygenated world of choices about how we want to represent ourselves as our personal brand."

Social media has helped launch the concept of personal branding and style, (through clothes and accessories) offer a quick glimpse and helps broadcast one's image better than anything else. Think about it, when you walk down the street, strangers don't know who you are, but they can tell a lot about you in how you present yourself and how you dress. Men, who once didn't care about fashion seem to be picking up on this concept.

Mr Graham also goes on to mention that designers have not and do not currently offer men the lavish choices that are presented in women's wear. Sales in men's clothing and accessories online are 50% more than women's. He attributes this statistic to the fact that there just aren't as many offerings in a regular retail store. The vastness of the internet provides far more creativity when it comes to fashion for men.

From experience, shopping for a man in a retail store is frustrating! All that seems to be offered are things in brown, black and possibly white. There is little color, no options, and no pizazz!  It is no wonder that more men up to this point have not been interested in fashion, they have had nothing to choose from. 

My favorite quote of the article is: "This conversation is not about a new trend, but the launch of a new style. Style is like knowing someone all your life; a trend is having dinner with someone and never seeing them again."

I completely agree with that statement. People tend to confuse trend and style all the time. Trends come and go, but style is innate. Style is the way one broadcasts who they are and what they like represented in the way they dress and it doesn't usually diverge much.

Overall I thought it was a very thought provoking article. In talking to the men I know, most think they don't know anything about fashion. My response to them is: "always wear what you like and what reflects your personality". The fun thing about fashion is that, like art there are no real rules. The idea that ones shoes and belt have to match are just a guideline, no longer a rule.

I encourage all the men out there to push the limit and create your own style...people will notice!

Photo: Suit-swag

Read the article HERE!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Designer- Elie Saab

As mentioned in previous posts I tend to gravitate towards gowns that make women seem like real life princesses. Elie Saab's Fall 2014 Couture collection had many beautiful gowns suited for modern day fairy tales!

If only I had more (or any) Balls/Galas to attend!

Here were some of my favorites gowns:

Check out the entire Elie Saab Fashion Show on his website by clicking HERE!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Trend- Crop Tops and Skirts

A trend that I have been continuously seeing lately and LOVING is crop tops and long skirts! When you pair, a sexy crop top with a modest skirt you get a very chic summer look. A look I definitely want to be rock'n this summer!

Here were some of the looks that inspired me:

Photos from:
W Magazine

A quick peruse around the internet have me deciding between these....
Love this sexy look from Nasty Gal. Available by clicking here!

I would pair this crop top with the skirt below!
Very versatile black skirt. Find it at Net-A-Porter or by clicking here.

Little lovely crop top found at Top Shop.

Crop above would look awesome with this floral skirt, found at Top Shop or here!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Flamingo Bike

Two birthday's ago I had a small backyard BBQ and while shopping for the party I found a life size paper version of a Flamingo at the 99 cent store. It was pink and large and it made me laugh!
I of course bought it and put it up at the party. It had nothing to do with the theme of the party which I thought was even funnier.

Sometime during that party, I named the flamingo "Swan" because I thought it was funny and said it like Adam Sandler does in the movie "Billy Madison"  (one of my favorite movies). That story explains my personal connection with flamingos. I think they are funny birds that I love to call Swan and who just make me laugh.

Interestingly enough I have been seeing flamingos printed on clothing lately. It's been very subtle but I am keeping my eyes peeled for THE perfect flamingo printed shirt or bikini that I just must have.

 In the mean time I found the picture below and just had to share!

Happy Friday!

Photo from Sous Style

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Advice- Swimsuits

 Come summer I practically live in my swimsuit every weekend. In or near the pool will also be where you will find me this 4th of July. All this pool time requires some great swim suits.

Not going to lie, shopping for swimsuits sucks for almost everyone but the key is finding a style that suits your body type with a print or color that you love. Don't worry about what size the tag says, just go for something that fits and enhances your best assets.

As much as I love high end suits, unless you are buying it because it is the best swimsuit that ever fit you ...ever, you should save your money and buy a less expensive suit. Between the chlorine and the sun, your suit will not last, therefore it isn't a wise investment piece. Save your money for that awesome vacation or pair of shoes instead!

I usually pick up my suits at Target.They seem to have something for everyone. A quick glance through their site and I found all of these amazing pieces. I may just have to get a new suit for the holiday!!!

This one piece is a nod to the popular Nautical trend and can be found by clicking here!

Love the ruffles and just read that polka dots are on trend! Find this suit by clicking here!

The back of this halter and details on sides of bottoms make it awesome! Picture here!

The ruffle trend, a throwback to clothing I saw at Coachella. Find similar suit here!

The ruching on the side and high waist will provide a slimming effect! Find it by clicking here!!

Great color and love the stripes! Find it by clicking here!!
In case you are feeling festive! Find this baby here!
As you can see Target offers a wide variety of suits. There are tons more and right now they are on sale!

Score yourself a new suit and see you in the pool!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

People-Nordstrom Greeter

 I came across this story yesterday and was instantly inspired. It made me smile and so I thought I would share.

"A 99-year-old greeter may be Nordstrom's best asset"

Ted DiNunzio is 99 years old and is a greeter at the Nordstrom located in the Santa Anita Mall, in Southern California. Ted was hired 13 years ago at the age of 86 and is the only greeter employed by Nordstrom (a department store with locations around the country). .
Shoppers often stop by just to see Ted. "The simplest thing you can ever do is be nice to people. Always be nice to people and smile. And they'll come back."  Words from a man who makes an effort to put on a suit and drive himself to work every Friday and Saturday. 

 Most people can't wait to retire, so that they can do nothing, but doing nothing is not good for the body or the brain. I really hope to have good health to allow me to do something like this at the age of 99! 
Go Ted!!!
Read original article here : Pasadena Star News