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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Clothing Swap

Clothing Swap Party!

In a previous post I talked about recycling fashion and ways to do it and mentioned a Clothing Swap Party as an idea.  I promised I would post more about it, so here you go!

Months ago I held my first ever Clothing Swap party and it was really fun!
I had heard about them in the past and always been skeptical.  To be honest I am not really sure what gave me the idea to do one, other than I wanted a DIFFERENT fun way to get a bunch of my girlfriends together.  The way I saw it was; best case scenario, we swap clothes and get FREE new stuff. Worst case scenario, we clean out our closets and no one gets anything  BUT we would still get to hang out and I don’t know about you, but having a reason to clean my closet is not necessarily a bad thing.

 I also decided to donate of all the clothes that no one wanted to a local Women’s shelter so that we would be helping out the community as well, so even if the event was a bust, we would still be doing a good deed.
I sent the Facebook invite to all the girls I knew who lived in LA and tried to explain what a Clothing Swap party was.  I named it “A Night of Fashion” and here is what the invite said:

Hey Girls!

It's time to clean out your closets!

Bring over clothes and accessories that you no longer want and trade for things you do!
I know you all have stuff sitting in your closet so bring it over and either trade or be re-inspired!
Any left over clothes/accessories that are not taken I will donate to the local Women's shelter.

I will provide some wine and apps but please bring either an additional bottle of wine or a snack and possibly score yourself an amazing new outfit!

Feel free to invite any other girls that would like to come!
This is a girls only event!

Some girls were really excited, they had been before and knew what it was, others were skeptical surprisingly not because they didn’t think others wouldn't have good things to trade but were doubtful of their own contributions. I tried to assure everyone to bring however much or little they had and to just come, either way it would be fun.

In all about 15 girls came, which was a great turn out! We had wine and appetizers and chatted for the first part of the party. When everyone had arrived we had everyone dump all of their clothing onto the coffee table.  This way no one needed to feel embarrassed about anything they brought and we could all go through it equally and fairly like we were at a big sale.  I established the only rule of the swap which was that if you picked something up and liked it you should put it into your pile. Once it was in your pile, it was yours until you put it back in the pile.

We had a blast! It was like shopping at a sale with all of your best girlfriends. In the end, pretty much everyone at the party walked away with a few new pieces of clothing and got a bunch of stuff they no longer wanted off of their hands. 

  I scored a few dresses that I love! Two of which I wear all the time.
“What is so last year to one person can be amazing and new to another"!

Therefore I encourage you to grab all of your girlfriends and have a Clothing Swap party!

Being around friends and clothes is always inspiring!

 Here is a peek into what it was like at the party....

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