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Friday, July 5, 2013

Flamingo Bike

Two birthday's ago I had a small backyard BBQ and while shopping for the party I found a life size paper version of a Flamingo at the 99 cent store. It was pink and large and it made me laugh!
I of course bought it and put it up at the party. It had nothing to do with the theme of the party which I thought was even funnier.

Sometime during that party, I named the flamingo "Swan" because I thought it was funny and said it like Adam Sandler does in the movie "Billy Madison"  (one of my favorite movies). That story explains my personal connection with flamingos. I think they are funny birds that I love to call Swan and who just make me laugh.

Interestingly enough I have been seeing flamingos printed on clothing lately. It's been very subtle but I am keeping my eyes peeled for THE perfect flamingo printed shirt or bikini that I just must have.

 In the mean time I found the picture below and just had to share!

Happy Friday!

Photo from Sous Style

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