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Friday, August 30, 2013

People- Carrie Bradshaw

Sex in the City is one of my all time favorite shows for a few reasons. Not only is it entertaining (on many levels) but the fashion in it is AMAZING!

Patricia Field, the costume designer is insanely talented. The outfits that the characters wear are nothing short of amazing! Every time I watch the show (I've seen all episodes multiple times), I am fascinated at how fresh the clothes look, even now (years later).

Carrie Bradshaw, apart from being the main character is (in my opinion) a fashion inspiration! The character loved clothes, especially shoes and she was good at taking risks. Not everything Carrie put together was fabulous, but like any real woman, she expressed herself best through her outfits. 

Some may argue that her wardrobe was unreasonable, that a writer living in New York City during the early 2000's could never make enough money to purchase the types of things she wore. While, we all know that is true (sorry to bust your bubble if you didn't), it isn't really about that (plus we all know Carrie would rather invest in her closet anyway).

Instead it appeals to those of us who dream of dressing up, the aspirational aspect of being able to wear designer clothes and accessories. The wardrobe in Sex in the City is artistic, it is a visual stimulant that never gets old and constantly inspires me to play around with my style! 

Some of my favorite Carrie looks!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jerome Rousseau

I've often stated that I am drawn to simplicity. Simplicity often (not always) leads to classic styles that tend to last longer. This simple but lovely pair caught my eye.

 I didn't recognize the brand but soon after read an article about Jerome Rousseau and saw a few other mentions of the brand name. Funny how things always seem to be everywhere once we have noticed them.

On his website Rousseau says "“I initially think in terms of shape, silhouette and structure when I design.  It’s later on that I bring fashion in the equation”. Always interesting to see what a inspires a designer!

Vogue Italia named awarded him with the "Who's Next" award in July 2010. Based on the lovely pair above, I have no doubt that Vogue Italia was on to something!

Read more here!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trend- Reflective/ Mirrored Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those things that people go back and forth on- to spend or not to spend.

On one hand, it could be a good idea to invest and buy a nice pair that will hopefully last you a long time,  but on the other not shelling out a ton of cash for sunglasses allows one to keep up with styles that are trending. I tend to lean towards the latter so that I can switch my Sunglasses up a few times during a season sans the guilt.

One trend that I've been noticing recently is reflective or mirrored sunglasses.

 Photos: New York Times

These are having a moment, so if undecided about what your next pair should be then maybe look into these or if you're feeling fancy maybe these!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trend- Birkenstocks

According to the National Retailers Federation (NRF), "more than 46% of consumers say fashion is less important than value and comfort."

This makes complete sense since clothing is a basic need.That being said, it is no wonder that at times comfort trumps even the most fashionable and things that wouldn't ordinarily be accepted as "cool" are adopted, causing a trend.

One such thing that has been making headlines since July is Birkenstocks. Personally, I was hoping the trend would slowly go away or be one of those things that teeters on the edge of cool and then falls off the radar, but no such luck. Birkenstocks have officially made it back and into American closets once again. This trend isn't one sided, applying only to women, men have jumped on this bandwagon as well. While stopped at a red light the other day I observed a male crossing the street in nothing short of Birkenstocks. In a discussion about this trend a few weeks ago, a male friend commented how he had never stopped wearing Birkenstocks from when they were cool in the late '90's.

I must admit, like everyone else in the late '90's I too wore a pair of Birkenstocks. Of course, I was in my early teens and my Mom bought them for me, but I do remember that they were very "in" at the time. Now that I think about it, I think I remember owning three different pairs. This was of course during my pre-adolescence when my feet were still growing, thus the need for three different pairs in three different sizes.

These pictures are similar to the ones I owned back in the day:

 So, why would I be hesitant to wear Birkenstocks now? I should be excited that something I wore and (probably) loved at the time is back. I know fashion is cyclic but I think in a weird way it reminds me of my most awkward years of growing up. Therefore, I have been torn. Do I embrace this trend or do I just sit this one out?

I am still debating, but the more I see it the more it sort of looks cool again.

Photo: Sartorialist

Plus, I already know they are comfortable and that's what almost half of consumers are looking for right?

Decisions, decisions...
If I were to embrace this trend I'd probably choose these or these , just to be a little different from before.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mansaur Garviel Bags

 A handbag conveys so much about a woman, since she carries it around all the time. Therefore, it is a woman's ultimate investment piece.

That being said, a good handbag is often hard to find.

I ran across this new Handbag line, Mansaur Garviel and instantly liked it! The bags just hit stores in June but they have already sold out online. Designed by two friends, the simple clean lines and buttery leather are a value for the price point.

Here were two of my favs!

Find out more by clicking HERE!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Outdoor Deck

Photo: Sous Style

Someday I hope to have a home near the water with an outdoor deck like this for entertaining and relaxing!
While the backdrop of this photo makes it easy for any decor to look good against, it was interesting to me that it was all very simple. A cool rug and some colorful throw pillows set against a basic white sofa and the natural landscape were all that was needed to make this space look comfortable yet chic.

 Essentially it is the same within fashion, amazing accessories set against basic neutrals always make for an interesting outfit!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Shoulder Dress

Fashion is very cyclic, but I recently realized that I have a love for one shoulder dresses. In my closet I currently own not ONE but TWO of these style of dresses. Each were bought for a different occasions and at different points in my life.

The first dress was bought (last minute) my freshman year in college, to wear to the All Hall Ball (a formal dance held at the end of the Freshman year in which everyone who lived in the dorms was invited). It was a long red one shoulder dress bought at Nordstrom that had beading in the front. I thought it was very glam at the time. Actually, I just pulled it out last winter for a Holiday party that I threw, so I guess I still think it's pretty glam.

The second, was bought two summers ago when I went to the Grand Cayman islands. There was a white party to attend the first night and so I bought a lovely white one shoulder midi dress, by Ralph Lauren that is still one of my favorite dresses (it looks very much like the salmon colored dress below)!

Two very different times and two very different dresses but I definitely picked them out. It's funny how many things in our lives change, but our taste (at least for some things) seems to remain consistent.

Here are a few more dresses that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection!

 This floral one shoulder pencil skirt dress would be great casual or dressed up! Find it here! Hurry it's on sale!

Elegant gown by Zimmermann!

Love the color of this Halston beauty! Find out more by clicking here!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hot Summer- Maxi Dresses!

Fashion is always looking ahead to what is coming up. We, myself included tend to forget to live in the moment, to enjoy not only what is going on but also what we are wearing right NOW!

Fall is just around the corner and while we are being bombarded with images of cold weather wardrobes, I decided to forgo writing about the upcoming Fall inspiration (even though I am not sure how much longer I can hold out), and instead to focus on the now. After all we still have quite a few more days of Summer left...Thank Goodness!

When I found the images below I was immediately drawn to them. A common summer wardrobe staple, and one of which I have loved for years is the Maxi Dress! Nothing is more comfortable than throwing on a long flow-y dress with a comfortable pair of sandals on a nice hot sunny day.

Photos: Satatoralist

Below are some Maxi dresses I am craving! Which one do you love?

I am always drawn to a Cobalt blue and I love the cut out sides on this dress from Asos.  Click here for more info!

 The long layers and burnt orange color drew my eye instantly. Well done Free People!

Love the open back! Also by Free People, this is the perfect dress to start the transition of hot days to cool nights! Link found here!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pop of Green

I've mentioned before in previous posts that fashion and interior design are related. They are both visual art forms that play off of one another and at times follow similar trends.

I ran into this image and loved how the green table conveyed the idea of how adding a slight pop of color could transform an entire room.

 Photo: SFGirlBytheBay.com

In fashion adding a pop of color will always transform any outfit. I found this lovely emerald ring that I would love to have transform all of my outfits!

18-kt gold, diamond and emerald ring by Silvia Furmanovich
Available at Bergdorf Goodman

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ankle Strap Open Toe Sandal

There was once a time where if I liked something I would buy more than one. The problem with that was that I always seemed to favor one over the other without fail. Therefore, I learned to never buy two of any one thing and haven't done so in years.

Months ago I bought this pair of ankle strap black stiletto heels from Zara and I LOVE them!

I can't help it but I am still really loving the ankle strap trend (thank goodness it's carrying on into Fall). While, I was tempted to buy another pair of the Zara style in nude I did still somewhat stuck to my rule and decided to buy a slightly different pair. Therefore not exactly two of the exact same style. 

I just ordered the Steve Madden pair pictured below and can't wait until they arrive! 

* Oh yeah...also the Steve Madden website is offering 30% off select Fall styles like this one. Click here to check it out!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I'm not an avid Shark Week fan (I know, I know), but it seemed like one would have to be under a rock to not know that last week was Shark Week. The Fashion set seemed to really get behind it this year with lots of shark looking items. Here were a couple of the things that I think are super cool!

Awesome shark shirt from Zara!

Shark Heels from Stylelux

Can't forget about the boys...Shark Vans!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Megan Park Dress

Sometimes I envision an article of clothing in my head or a particular accessory that I want and then I proceed to try and find it. Finding what I envision can be difficult and it's in those times that I wish I could design.
I don't design because I seem to have a hard time getting my vision on paper (I draw like I am still in the third grade) and my sewing skills are not quite up to par. So when I do find that amazing piece, it truly is magical.

All summer I have been wanting a colorful fun new dress. Therefore when I encountered this dress from Megan Park's Resort 2014 collection, I knew I had found what I was looking for!

Pre-Order the dress in the next 5 days by clicking HERE!
Megan Park is an Australian designer. Read more about the brand by going to www.meganpark.com.au or by clicking here. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Watches are an interesting accessory. They were once only seen as a basic necessity, people used them to tell time. Then they slowly became a piece of jewelry, a way to adorn the arm. As of recent time we have seen them worn paired with lots of bangles and bracelets, but I have a feeling that we are going to start seeing them worn on their own again.

After all, watches still have a function, but instead of just telling time or just being a piece of jewelry they do both! Plus they add a certain sophistication that no other accessory really comes close to.

Here are some watches recently captured on the street at Fashion Week in Paris that really caught my eye!

Photos: Editoralist

Similar watches I found to the pictures above:

Montblanc found HERE!

Marc by Marc Jacobs On Sale (only a few more days) here!

 Other watches I found that were similar, see them by clicking here and clicking here!