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Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Shoulder Dress

Fashion is very cyclic, but I recently realized that I have a love for one shoulder dresses. In my closet I currently own not ONE but TWO of these style of dresses. Each were bought for a different occasions and at different points in my life.

The first dress was bought (last minute) my freshman year in college, to wear to the All Hall Ball (a formal dance held at the end of the Freshman year in which everyone who lived in the dorms was invited). It was a long red one shoulder dress bought at Nordstrom that had beading in the front. I thought it was very glam at the time. Actually, I just pulled it out last winter for a Holiday party that I threw, so I guess I still think it's pretty glam.

The second, was bought two summers ago when I went to the Grand Cayman islands. There was a white party to attend the first night and so I bought a lovely white one shoulder midi dress, by Ralph Lauren that is still one of my favorite dresses (it looks very much like the salmon colored dress below)!

Two very different times and two very different dresses but I definitely picked them out. It's funny how many things in our lives change, but our taste (at least for some things) seems to remain consistent.

Here are a few more dresses that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection!

 This floral one shoulder pencil skirt dress would be great casual or dressed up! Find it here! Hurry it's on sale!

Elegant gown by Zimmermann!

Love the color of this Halston beauty! Find out more by clicking here!

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