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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trend- Birkenstocks

According to the National Retailers Federation (NRF), "more than 46% of consumers say fashion is less important than value and comfort."

This makes complete sense since clothing is a basic need.That being said, it is no wonder that at times comfort trumps even the most fashionable and things that wouldn't ordinarily be accepted as "cool" are adopted, causing a trend.

One such thing that has been making headlines since July is Birkenstocks. Personally, I was hoping the trend would slowly go away or be one of those things that teeters on the edge of cool and then falls off the radar, but no such luck. Birkenstocks have officially made it back and into American closets once again. This trend isn't one sided, applying only to women, men have jumped on this bandwagon as well. While stopped at a red light the other day I observed a male crossing the street in nothing short of Birkenstocks. In a discussion about this trend a few weeks ago, a male friend commented how he had never stopped wearing Birkenstocks from when they were cool in the late '90's.

I must admit, like everyone else in the late '90's I too wore a pair of Birkenstocks. Of course, I was in my early teens and my Mom bought them for me, but I do remember that they were very "in" at the time. Now that I think about it, I think I remember owning three different pairs. This was of course during my pre-adolescence when my feet were still growing, thus the need for three different pairs in three different sizes.

These pictures are similar to the ones I owned back in the day:

 So, why would I be hesitant to wear Birkenstocks now? I should be excited that something I wore and (probably) loved at the time is back. I know fashion is cyclic but I think in a weird way it reminds me of my most awkward years of growing up. Therefore, I have been torn. Do I embrace this trend or do I just sit this one out?

I am still debating, but the more I see it the more it sort of looks cool again.

Photo: Sartorialist

Plus, I already know they are comfortable and that's what almost half of consumers are looking for right?

Decisions, decisions...
If I were to embrace this trend I'd probably choose these or these , just to be a little different from before.

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