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Monday, September 30, 2013

Trend- Leopard

Every Fall, the leaves start to turn, the nights start to cool off and we are bombarded with pumpkin flavored everything! In fashion, a Fall collection most often includes the obvious; pants, coats, and dark colors, yet an additional constant that always seems to appear is leopard.

Leopard is a fun print, but it can be a bit much. Therefore, when rocking the leopard print just sneak in small pops of it, like with a fun wallet like this, or a an elegant flat like this. If you're just not the type of person who wants to broadcast leopard to the world, you could always be covert and rock this sexy gem! 

So, whether, it's a dress or just a fun accessory, I would definitely recommend finding a way to add some leopard into your wardrobe this Fall!

Photos: Atlantic Pacific, The Editoralist

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Something about her ....back!

Throughout time, the focus of what constitutes as "sexy" has constantly changed.

 Fashion seems to highlight a different feature each season. That is why some seasons we see the midriff, then it's the shoulders, or why short skirts are hot and then it changes to long.

A constant focus is the back.

It is subtle yet seductive. Elegant and simple, the designs are often very interesting.

Clockwise from the top: Balenciaga, Jay Ahr, Street Style, A.L.C, Street style

Photos: Style.com, Who What Wear

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Trend- Polka Dots

Photo: Style.com

 Polka dots aren't new. In fact they could be considered a staple in many wardrobes. I bet if you look, you may even find a polka dot item in your closet. It's a print that comes and goes and right now it's definitely a GO!

It's also one of the few recent trends that anyone can embrace! Pick your favorite piece and just rock it!

Equipment Shirt $248

Topshop Dress $76

Miu Miu scarf $230

Sophia Webster $420

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 Emmy ...Dresses!

Sunday was the 2013 Emmy awards. While I have to admit I don't always watch Awards shows, I do log on the day after to check out at all the wonderful dresses that everyone wore. It's a fun tradition. I mean, what better event than an awards show to go all out and wear a glamorous gown.

Here were some of my favs!

Kerry Washington-Marchesa
Sarah Silverman- Deadly Dames
Allison Williams-Ralph Lauren
Kaley Cuoco-Vera Wang
Rose Byrne- Calvin Klein
Anna Gunn- Romona Keveza

  Check out all the Emmy dresses and pick your fav by clicking here!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Trend- Sweaters and Skirts

Photo from: "The Cut"- Street Style Milan Fashion Week 
Sweaters and skirts! Is it just me or are they everywhere? I realize I am probably being marketed to. By whom exactly you ask? Well, by everyone, since this trend can be found everywhere at every price point.

I like it though. Somehow pairing these two simple things just works. It's cute yet flirty.

My advice, if you want to follow this trend is to find a fun sweater that speaks to your personality! Don't worry, there are plenty of them out there.

Personally I love this sweater! Not only do I think it's funny...a camel on a camel colored sweater, but one of my closest friends in college used to call me "camel" because I used to (and still do) drink a lot of water. Viola! Paired with this flirty skirt, I'm all set! 

Camel Sweater
Fluted Skirt

Find both of these pieces along with other goodies at JCrew or by clicking here!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

D'orsay Flats

In my normal life I wear heels most days, but on a recent vacation (in which I did A LOT of walking) I wore flats pretty much the entire time. Funny enough, while I missed being taller (oddly), I didn't really miss heels. The comfort and ease of wearing flats was really nice! I was looking for new (cute) flats to add to my shoe rotation today when I stumbled upon the D'orsay flat by Jenni Kayne (available in multiple colors).

Jenni Kayne

While, they are super cute and probably a quality shoe. I am not ready to spend so much on a pair of flats. So instead I found these cute Vince and Jeffery Campbell pairs for a price closer to what I am willing to spend.


Jeffrey Campbell 



In fact I think I may just step out of the box and get these two tone Jeffrey Campbell's!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

People- Karl Lagerfeld

Today, a friend sent me this article, "Karl Lagerfeld's 13 Craziest Quotes" from the Daily Beast highlighting some of his most ridiculous quotes from a new book titled, "The World According to Karl." .

I'd suggest checking out the article, but keep in mind that Karl Lagerfeld is known for saying outlandish things and that I thought they were pretty ridiculous, thus remember this when reading.

While he may say crazy things (he often swears he is kidding), he is very well known in Fashion. He is the head designer at Chanel and has held previous posts at Fendi as well as having his own fashion line. Mr. Lagerfeld may not be good on social graces, but he definitely knows his way around fashion and design.

Grey Skinny Jeans

Statistics say that American women own an average 7-8 pairs of jeans, but only wear 2-3 pairs regularly.
I, too used to own at least 8 pairs of jeans but a few years ago I begin to narrow down my closet to pairs I actually wear, thus leaving me with 3 pairs of jeans.

Needless to say I hadn't been all that into jeans in recent times, but it is something I have been considering buying for the upcoming winter months.

A few weeks ago I went to an art show with a friend and was inspired by a couple of women who were wearing grey skinny jeans. One wore them with a blazer and heels and the other with a cool tank top and boots. Both caught my eye, leaving me thinking that maybe I should invest in a pair of grey denim jeans this winter....

Hudson Jeans found on sale here!

Paige Jeans found here!

J Brand found here!

AG Jeans found here!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Colors are established at the beginning of every season to set tone and theme. It generally gives designers a pallet to work with. Usually they are shades of primary colors, "cool and bright" for summer and "dark and heavy"  for winter that are rotated each season. For example, pink for summer and ruby red for winter.

Apart from black and white, which always seem relevant regardless of the season, I've noticed that shades of blue also seem to be a constant.

Since September is upon us, many parts of the world are starting to cool off. Transitional colors- colors that take us from one season to the next are very important at this time.

To transition us this season from Summer to Fall, Indigo and Navy (both shades of blue) seem to be the way to go!

Fashion is inspired by home decor! Love this European looking rustic kitchen.

Blue baubles found by clicking here!

Patent Leather Pumps!

Elizabeth and James Pullover Blouse

Love this dress, exclusive found by clicking here!