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Thursday, September 19, 2013

D'orsay Flats

In my normal life I wear heels most days, but on a recent vacation (in which I did A LOT of walking) I wore flats pretty much the entire time. Funny enough, while I missed being taller (oddly), I didn't really miss heels. The comfort and ease of wearing flats was really nice! I was looking for new (cute) flats to add to my shoe rotation today when I stumbled upon the D'orsay flat by Jenni Kayne (available in multiple colors).

Jenni Kayne

While, they are super cute and probably a quality shoe. I am not ready to spend so much on a pair of flats. So instead I found these cute Vince and Jeffery Campbell pairs for a price closer to what I am willing to spend.


Jeffrey Campbell 



In fact I think I may just step out of the box and get these two tone Jeffrey Campbell's!!

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  1. Crazy! I have been cyber stalking these for a while! I am already a daily flats girl, but I like how different these are. You have such good taste. ;)