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Friday, September 20, 2013

Trend- Sweaters and Skirts

Photo from: "The Cut"- Street Style Milan Fashion Week 
Sweaters and skirts! Is it just me or are they everywhere? I realize I am probably being marketed to. By whom exactly you ask? Well, by everyone, since this trend can be found everywhere at every price point.

I like it though. Somehow pairing these two simple things just works. It's cute yet flirty.

My advice, if you want to follow this trend is to find a fun sweater that speaks to your personality! Don't worry, there are plenty of them out there.

Personally I love this sweater! Not only do I think it's funny...a camel on a camel colored sweater, but one of my closest friends in college used to call me "camel" because I used to (and still do) drink a lot of water. Viola! Paired with this flirty skirt, I'm all set! 

Camel Sweater
Fluted Skirt

Find both of these pieces along with other goodies at JCrew or by clicking here!

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