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Thursday, October 3, 2013

News: Marc Jacobs leaves Louis Vuitton

"Designer Marc Jacobs ended his sixteen year tenure at Louis Vuitton with his Spring 2014 collection". Big news in the fashion world since he has been at Louis Vuitton for almost two decades.This article, taken from "The Cut" gives a great description of what the last show was like and what inspired Marc Jacobs for his final exit.....

"spring 2014 collection that celebrated fashion in its purest and least complicated form — as majestic, superficial beauty. The word superficial comes with such negative connotations, suggesting that whatever it is applied to has no value. But the emotional pull of beauty for its own sake cannot be underestimated. It is what draws us to a golden sunset, has us contemplating gardens in full bloom, and inspires us to climb a rocky mountain in search of the next magical overlook."

 "This unquenchable desire for visual pleasure, Jacobs wrote in his show notes, was what inspired the collection."

Photos: The Cut

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