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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

People- Gwen Stefani

Looking back it isn't always easy to see who or what inspired you. As a kid, you are exposed to so many things and at times in can be hard to pinpoint exactly who or what influenced you. That being said, I was driving the other day listening to No Doubt on the radio when I had a flashback to my thirteen year old self.

The year was 1995 and it was my summer break. I was doing what all teenagers at that time did, watching MTV when I first saw No Doubt's video, Spiderwebs, thus introducing me to the lovely Gwen Stefani. I was memorized by the music and most importantly by Gwen's style. In fact I loved her clothes so much that I tried to emulate her, even though I looked and still look nothing like Gwen. The closest I got was a light blue dress that looked very similar to the one she wore in the video "Don't Speak" that I picked up at a surf shop.

Either way, since then Gwen has always been my favorite rock star and I have and will continue to admire her amazing style.

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