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Monday, October 7, 2013

Slip Dress

The 90's are known in Fashion as the "grunge era". It was inspired by Seattle bands, plaid flannel shirts, Doc Marten boots and overalls. My favorite thing that came out of the grunge era though is slip dresses. Slip dresses were worn with long cardigan sweaters and Doc Marten boots, a look that could easily be worn today.

It's also a great transitional outfit to wear as the days and nights get cooler. Layering a sweater over a slip dress also looks great!

Photo: Free People

Another alternative is to pair a long cardigan with a slip dress. This works great for days that are warm that turn into cold nights.

Photo: Fab Sugar

So look in your closets, and wear those sweaters with those ever so girly slip dresses!

I found this Rochas slip dress or this Free People dress that would look great paired with this cozy cardigan by Skin.

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