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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Socks for the Boys

I haven't really posted a lot on Men's style, but if there are any men reading this (or women looking for a fun gift for the men in their lives) socks are a great way to show some personality!

Inspired by the photo above, I went in search of fun socks and found all sorts of cool things.

For the man who is still a child at heart and maybe a little silly there are Dinosaur socks which are awesome as well as Shark socks. I mean who doesn't love sharks?

A few of my guy friends are avid bike riders and these bike socks would be a fun gift.

The man that isn't as silly but is still up for trying some fun color these American Apparel socks would do the trick.

If you're all business, but still want to add a pop of style then I recommend these Ted Baker socks or these Argyle socks.

Whichever you choose, it is an inexpensive way to add some flair and just don't be afraid to go all out! I mean after all, they are just socks. Have some fun with it! That is what fashion is all about, stepping out and expressing yourself.

Photo: WWD

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