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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

White Leather Jacket

I don't generally like to buy things way out of season, meaning I won't be inclined to buy new boots until it is cold enough to wear them. I usually also don't really buy a new swimsuit until the day before a pool party, but I will admit I did buy a leather jacket in the middle of July....

Here is why, last winter I wore my black leather jacket ALL the time. I love it, so much so that I would say it is a definite staple in my wardrobe. In fact I have already pulled it out and started to wear it on cold days. Therefore when I started to see Winter trends (last summer), I saw a lot of white and figured I would take a chance on the white leather jacket.

I wanted this one:

Iro Quilted Jacket found here

I got this one from Topshop but it is now sold out.

Similar one found here for only $20!!!
It is finally getting chilly and I can't wait to wear it out!

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