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Monday, October 14, 2013


When I was a little girl, JCPenney and Sears would send a big Christmas catalog in the mail every year. It was a fun tradition of mine to look through it and pick out what I liked....alright maybe I didn't just casually look at  it. Truth was I would pour over it intensely and circle ALL the things (toys) I wanted. Of course I never got all of it. At most I may have gotten one thing, but it was always fun to imagine having all of the toys that were displayed in the catalog. Looking back the time I would spend on a weekend afternoon looking through it was probably better than actually receiving the toys that were in that book. It allowed my imagination to run free and taught me the lesson that we can't always have all the things we want, but it is fun and important to dream!

As an adult, there is a new catalog that I look forward to each holiday season, the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. It has a fantasy section that is often times very ridiculous and completely out of most people's financial scopes, but again it's fun to look through and dream.

Here are two of my favorites from this year's catalog:

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System $1,500,000

 For one and a half million you get your own projector with sound system that pops out of your grass for the ultimate outdoor viewing experience. For an additional million you can upgrade the sound system. Don't believe me? Read it for yourself here! It would be pretty sweet to have this in your backyard. Gives movie night a whole new meaning.

The Glass House Experience $30,000

 You and a lucky guest can experience a one night stay in the Connecticut glass house of world- renowned architect, Phillip Johnson. Wander the 49 acre grounds until nightfall when ten of your lucky friends get to come over and join you for a wonderful locally sourced "culinary experience". Read more about it here!

Check out the rest of the Fantasy Gifts in the Neiman Marcus catalog and pick out which you would put on your dream list this year.

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