, Inspiration Fashion Folder: November 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Little Black Dress - LBD

You've probably heard about the Little Black Dress (LBD) and how important it is that every woman own one. Now what you probably don't know is that like a pair of jeans the LBD needs to be updated regularly. I am not suggesting you keep up with trends but I do suggest that you look at your current style, body type and the events to which you will be wearing said LBD. You might just realize (as I did) that you need an update, especially with all the Holiday parties that are coming up!

Start looking for that perfect LBD now!

Helmut Lang $345

Rachel Roy $368

Rebecca Taylor $475

Splendid $148

Tildon $78

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cozy Fun Outerwear

Some people love winter, but I have recently realized I am not really a fan of being cold, which is probably why I am drawn to jackets and coats. This winter I've been searching for something cozy but also fun.  I found the jacket below at Intermix and love the pattern and cut!

Check out my favorite part, the back by clicking HERE!

I also found this Mixed Yarn Cardigan and this Black and White Geo Print Cardigan that also look cozy!  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shopping- Ted Baker

A few weeks ago I was shopping at the Santa Monica Promenade with a friend when I came across the Ted Baker store.

I had been introduced to the brand months ago when I came upon a beautiful dress on a mannequin at Bloomingdales. The dress was so cool that I hunted down a sales associate to help me practically undress the poor mannequin to tell me what brand it was. That was how I first found out about the Ted Baker brand.

Upon further research I discovered that the brand was British and had a very girly appeal to it, something that I was instantly drawn to. The aesthetic is made up of classic cuts with trendy patterns making it stand out in a crowd. While I was in London this past summer I quickly popped into a Ted Baker store, but since I wanted almost everything I had to leave or else risk buying the entire store.

If you haven't heard of it I highly recommend you do so. If there isn't one near you and you aren't going to London anytime soon, check it out by clicking HERE or HERE!

Oh and not only is their Women's clothing and accessories amazing, but they also have a fabulous Men's section.

At the Santa Monica promenade I was helped by two lovely gentleman where I ended up buying a dress and jumpsuit, but I wanted so much more.

Below were some of my favs!

Butterfly Makeup Case that I would wear as a Clutch.

Details on this wallet (or purse as they would call it in England) is fun!

This Midi Dress means business!

Floral Heels right so very cool!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fair Isle Sweater Dress

During my daily readings this morning I came across two interesting things; fair isle sweaters and sweater dresses. Both were said to be on trend and both caught my eye.

Therefore, later in the day when I ran into this dress I found it funny that it was the mixture of two things that had caught my attention earlier in the day. It got me thinking about how sometimes information seems to just come all at once. Best example would have to be when you are thinking about buying a car and you settle on a particular model. Isn't it interesting how all of a sudden you start to see that exact model everywhere? It's almost like destiny is putting them all in front of you, when in fact it could just be that you just started paying attention to it.

In today's world, it sometimes feels like we don't pay attention enough, but paying attention today resulted in finding this really cool fair isle sweater dress. Imagine what you could find if you just pay attention!

American Eagle Dress on Sale $52.46

Friday, November 15, 2013


I've noticed that my Fall and Winter wardrobe can be drab. It's naturally full of lots of blacks, neutrals and gray but recently on a gloomy day I decided I wasn't going to give in to the grays and instead chose to wear a bright salmon skirt. Let me tell you it definitely made my day a little brighter. Not only did I feel happier, people seemed happier to see me. They have done studies and color can seriously affect mood which is why I challenge you...next time it is gloomy outside or maybe even if you're feeling gloomy on the inside to wear a bright color. It will transform your day!

As seen above it can be subtle.

                If you are feeling it though I highly suggest the dress above! It can be found by clicking here!

Photo: The Satoralist

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shopping- Vintage CHANEL

Investment pieces are items that you will either wear a lot of or that will never go out of style, or even better both! Chanel is one of the iconic brands that will always be on trend.

This retailer just scored a massive amount of vintage Chanel.

Here are some of the pieces I want that will never go out of style!

Find these and more by clicking HERE!

Hurry, these items won't last!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sale, Sale, Sale

Looking back at some of my favorite purchases, a lot of them were found and obtained at some sort of sale. Apart from saving money, sales can be exciting. Product is limited and so one must decide quickly once a good item is spotted.

Currently, Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale. Since Sales can be overwhelming I went ahead and put together an outfit made up of all items on sale.


Because I seem to have a shoe problem I also found this nude pair (also in black) as well as these cool flats...yes I said flats! If nothing else, the sale is the best time to pick up some of these or these basic necessities.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Southern California is moderately temperate compared to lots of other places, but it does get cold. Therefore, I have found that the easiest way to transition some of your summer clothes into winter is simply to add tights.
They are they best way to keep your legs warm, either with one of your favorite summer dresses and a cardigan or better yet worn under shorts to complete an outfit. Believe it or not my favorite place to get inexpensive tights is HERE! Tights are the best way to turn a summer outfit into a winter one for less than a meal. Try it!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel Marant designs great pieces. Her clothes are all simple with a little bit of edge. Therefore, when I found out she had collaborated with H&M I got pretty excited. Leaks of what the pieces would look like begin to appear a few months ago and one of my favs was the picture below.

The dress is simple, yet cool. Something that sounds easy, but is actually hard to pull off. The Isabel Marant collection debuts in 7 days and I am pretty excited! Hope it doesn't sell out before I get the chance to see it. Check out more of her designs for H&M by clicking HERE!

If you are unfamiliar with Isabel Marant's designs, then check out her Fall 2013 collection by clicking on this video. It is very cool!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Statement Necklaces

Photo: Jcrew 

Halloween is over and that only means one thing....the holidays are coming! Holidays mean lots of parties, getting together with family and friends and gift giving. All of this fun is going to require some extra spending. Therefore, if you are wanting a quick and less expensive way to update your look to make it more stylish, then you should consider the "oh so popular" statement necklace. It will dress up your regular shirt or sweater and will add that extra pop of spectacular for the holiday season.

Here are some lovely options and not all are ridiculously expensive....

JCREW (pictured above)

JCREW (a pretty second option)

FOREVER 21 (Pretty Pink Baubles)

ASOS (Geometric Pattern)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Trend- Metallic

Photo: WWD

Being attracted to shiny sparkly things is not something new. We all, at one point or another have been.
 I for one love sparkly things and so I am not surprised of the fact that I am drawn to the metallic trend that seems to be very "in" right now. Good news is that it also looks like it will be continuing through Spring 2014.

I was instantly inspired by the photo above...isn't that an awesome skirt?

 I think so which is why I found these Kate Spade heels, this Top Shop top in a fun color, this affordable clutch and this flirty skirt on sale!

Whichever you choose, make sure to pair it with something basic (like white or black) and to let the focus be the metallic piece!