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Monday, November 18, 2013

Fair Isle Sweater Dress

During my daily readings this morning I came across two interesting things; fair isle sweaters and sweater dresses. Both were said to be on trend and both caught my eye.

Therefore, later in the day when I ran into this dress I found it funny that it was the mixture of two things that had caught my attention earlier in the day. It got me thinking about how sometimes information seems to just come all at once. Best example would have to be when you are thinking about buying a car and you settle on a particular model. Isn't it interesting how all of a sudden you start to see that exact model everywhere? It's almost like destiny is putting them all in front of you, when in fact it could just be that you just started paying attention to it.

In today's world, it sometimes feels like we don't pay attention enough, but paying attention today resulted in finding this really cool fair isle sweater dress. Imagine what you could find if you just pay attention!

American Eagle Dress on Sale $52.46

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