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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shopping- Ted Baker

A few weeks ago I was shopping at the Santa Monica Promenade with a friend when I came across the Ted Baker store.

I had been introduced to the brand months ago when I came upon a beautiful dress on a mannequin at Bloomingdales. The dress was so cool that I hunted down a sales associate to help me practically undress the poor mannequin to tell me what brand it was. That was how I first found out about the Ted Baker brand.

Upon further research I discovered that the brand was British and had a very girly appeal to it, something that I was instantly drawn to. The aesthetic is made up of classic cuts with trendy patterns making it stand out in a crowd. While I was in London this past summer I quickly popped into a Ted Baker store, but since I wanted almost everything I had to leave or else risk buying the entire store.

If you haven't heard of it I highly recommend you do so. If there isn't one near you and you aren't going to London anytime soon, check it out by clicking HERE or HERE!

Oh and not only is their Women's clothing and accessories amazing, but they also have a fabulous Men's section.

At the Santa Monica promenade I was helped by two lovely gentleman where I ended up buying a dress and jumpsuit, but I wanted so much more.

Below were some of my favs!

Butterfly Makeup Case that I would wear as a Clutch.

Details on this wallet (or purse as they would call it in England) is fun!

This Midi Dress means business!

Floral Heels right so very cool!

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