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Monday, December 9, 2013


I love the recent trend of pairing sneakers with different everyday outfits. While my tendency is to lean towards a pair of heels I think I am going to try and emulate this cool laid back look.

This looks like an easy trend to pull off but there are so many different types of sneakers out there. From observation it looks like low profile sneakers work best with skirts and fun colors work well with jeans. It seems like any sneakers you choose should be safe unless they are actually made for working out in which case you could end up looking like you stepped out of an 80's aerobic class. Therefore invest in an everyday pair of sneakers to pair with skirts and jeans and keep your workout sneakers for times when you are actually being physically active and you should be good! I think I am going to try this look soon....wish me luck!

Puma, New Balance and Nike tend to have some really fun colored sneakers. I found these and these both in cool colors. There are lots of low profile sneakers out there that are cute but I tend to gravitate towards this classic pair. This fun blue pair is even on sale right now! Check it out!

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