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Thursday, January 9, 2014


Over the holidays I had the pleasure of celebrating on the East Coast. Being a West Coast girl, as soon as I planned the trip I immediately began to research what type of winter accessories I would need. This may sound silly to anyone who lives anywhere where it gets really cold, but in Southern California cold weather accessories are usually more for style than function.

Therefore I was super stoked when I realized that I would be able to wear my EAR MUFFS!

I had bought them last year online on a whim because they looked fun and were on sale at Freepeople. The only time I had been able to wear them was on a trip last February to Seattle, so going to the East Coast meant a REAL reason to wear my ear muffs!!!!

Honestly they were AWESOME....my body just wasn't used to 30 something degree weather.  My East Coast friends probably thought I was ridiculous, but I wore them anyway and they kept my ears and body very warm!

In case you want some ear muffs of your own, I found these and these (which come in different colors)  on SALE!

Gucci Ear muffs Pictured

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