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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Black Heels

I was looking through my closet the other day and realized I own a little over fifteen pairs of black heels....insane right? Now before you start judging me, they have been acquired over the better part of 10 years and they are all different.

Black heels are after all a staple and trends change; pointy toe, round toe, open toe, platform, stacked heel, etc.
My fashion resolution this year has been to buy quality over quantity, which is why I have decided to look into investing in a good pair of black heels.  This may mean having to shell out an amount usually spent on something like rent.

Expensive doesn't necessarily mean better, but it does mean quality and one thing that I have learned is that if I love an article of clothing or a pair of shoes then I wear it often, getting the best return of investment on it.

If I am buying a mid-level pair of shoes every year (some years maybe two) at an average amount of $100 each, then at this point I have already spent $1500 on black heels. Therefore spending $500-$700 on a pair that will be loved, worn often and will last for years doesn't seem like a bad investment.....

Here are some of the contenders: this one shown in the picture above, this lovely, this from a brand a little less known, and lastly a shoe that I always seem to be drawn to.

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