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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Balenciaga Handbag

Last summer, while in a pub in London I spotted a bag that was different from anything I had ever seen. It was a tote, but instead of being wide it was tall. It was so striking that I instinctively had a good feeling about it. I knew it was a possible glimpse into a new handbag silhouette. In an effort to show my coworkers back home I attempted to sneakily take the photo of the bag in the pub without the owner noticing. I don't think I was very successful (the picture didn't turn out that great either), but interestingly enough my gut may have been right.

 I recently spotted the image below in Harper's Bazaar and was blown away. It seems that Balenciaga has created a bag similar to that silhouette I saw last summer in London. The bag as you can see below and here is elegant and ladylike, setting the tone for what I am sure many more designers will follow.

Picture: Harper's Bazaar

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