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Thursday, May 8, 2014


If you haven't yet heard the term "normcore," then allow me to introduce you.

Wikipedia defines it as  "an understated, nondescript style. It encompasses the desire to fit in rather than stand out".

It goes on to say that "the socio-economic meaning of the trend, argues that Normcore resonates "because it points to an obvious but unspoken fact of our time: That coolness itself is done..."

Pictures above give you a glimpse of what "normcore" looks like.

I personally understand "normcore" to be completely ironic. This interview found here quotes a guy dressed in the trend :

“Fashion has become very overwhelming and popular,” Lewis explains. “Right now a lot of people use fashion as a means to buy rather than discover an identity and they end up obscured and defeated. I'm getting cues from people like Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. It's a very flat look, conspicuously unpretentious, maybe even endearingly awkward. It's a lot of clich√© style taboos, but it's not the irony I love, it's rather practical and no-nonsense, which to me, right now, seems sexy. I like the idea that one doesn't need their clothes to make a statement.”

By trying not to make a statement isn't one still making a statement? I think I will refute this trend and continue to make my own personal statement with clothes I love regardless of whether anyone else thinks they are cool. The only piece of this trend that I may consider is the comfortable footwear. Don't worry this does not mean I am giving up heels, but I did recently purchase a pair of these so maybe I am more "normcore" than I thought......

Images: The Cut, Lucky, Elle Canada

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