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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Advice- Festivals

The summer is all about festivals. Whether it's a music, food, beer or wine festival, they all seem to have the same thing in common...they are outside! As a kid I always looked forward to the County Fair, which is sort of like the biggest festival around for kids who live in small towns.

This past weekend I went to a wine festival. It was fun with vintners from all over the area pouring wine. There was music and food and the weather was perfect. 

The people at the festival were all very different which is always fun to see. With all the summer festivals upon us, I was inspired to share a list of DO's for all the festivals or fairs that you may be attending this summer.

1. Wear flat shoes. 
Most festivals are held in parks or fields of some sort, meaning the ground will probably not be flat. Save the heels and wedges for another time and stick to sandals. These are cool!

2. Bring a Hat.
You will be in direct sunlight as most festivals have limited shady areas. A wide brimmed hat like this is great!

3. Wear a Crossbody Bag
This is helpful because it leaves both of your hands free to eat, drink or talk (I talk with my hands a lot).
This Hobo crossbody is super cute AND on sale!

4. Wear the appropriate attire.
Remember that you may have to sit on the grass at some point. Long skirts, shorts, rompers and maxi dresses are your best bet. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to get one of these, although this one may be too pretty to sit on the ground with!

5. Accessories
Less is more. It most likely will be hot and so keep it simple, a watch, some loose bangles, statement necklace or fun earrings (one or two are all you need).

Oh and don't forget your Sunglasses!

Images: LA Weekly, web


  1. The Naria sandal looks vaguely familiar. Sort of like your favorite pair of sandals you already have! :)