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Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I have been searching for the perfect Weekender bag for a while now. It all started when I was on a road trip with a work colleague and had packed all of my overnight things in a tote. Of course my bag got knocked over in the trunk during the drive and most of my things got scattered. As I watched my deodorant and other toiletries strewn across the back of this person's car I swore to never pack an overnight bag in a tote again.

Thus my search began for a zip top bag that I could double as a carry on or overnight bag. I realized during my search that its actually hard to find something the right size, that isn't boring (black) and is affordable. After a couple of months of searching I think I have found the perfect one. It comes in many colors and is from a cool company called Everlane which is all about basic items, like T-shirts, sweaters and now weekenders! The company is very transparent to its customers. It lists how much everything really costs to make and includes the retail mark up. I've ordered from them before and the quality is  really good all at an affordable price.

If you haven't checked them out I would for sure recommend it.

As for the weekender, click here to see the one I picked.

Use this link to start shopping at Everlane!

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